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Little Genie Productions

Truth Or Dare Candy, Single Box

Truth Or Dare Candy, Single Box

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Rules are simple take turns pick a sweet and do what you’re told.Truth or Dare Candy combines a classic bachelorette party game with tasty bachelorette party candy to give you everything you need to have a good time in one little box! Truth or Dare Candy combines these two ancient pillars of bachelorette party excellence into one convenient box. These fruity colorful spree-like candies are printed with a variety of words. Players take turns pulling one piece of candy out of the box. If it says “Truth” another player asks them a question which they have to answer truthfully. If it has a dare written on it they have to perform that dare. It’s as simple as that! Candy has never been so much fun and games have never been so tasty! available in a darling compact 1.6 ounce (44 gram) candy box that fits anywhere!

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