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Michelle Liss LLC DBA Maxtasy

Maxtasy Stroke Master Standard With Remote Clear Plus

Maxtasy Stroke Master Standard With Remote Clear Plus

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Elevating limits of male pleasure and delivering the next level of earth-shattering orgasms stamina training and sexual wellness – This is our promise.

Award winning product designers and luxury sports car engineers have come together to build the world's most elite collection of male sex toys. tested for quality and pleasure performance be that stamina training edging marathon or you just want to cross the line we've got you covered.

MAXTASY – ENGINEERED FOR YOUR PLEASURE! Go on take it for a spin...

  • 240 strokes per minute
  • Sleeve that pulls and pushes itself
  • 10 stroking modes unparalled stroke depth!
  • Milking mechanism life-like sensation ingenious engineering!
  • 120 minutes running time – last longer unlimited sex!
  • Rechargeable
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